Old English sheepdogs since 1984 - The Finnish Kennel Club granted Vuolasvirta-award #449 year 2000
Today is Tuesday 22.1.2019


Sire - Dam.
sire: GCH & CH
Pettibone´s Little Big Man
DN19490002 OFA 24G , eyes clear , BL & WH ,
AKCDNA#V610160 , PCD+/+terve/ healthy
CH Haystac´s Let´s Roll
DK90424602 , OFA 25G, AKC DNA#V441717
CH Winchester Brigtcut Domino, D337490, OFA27F, GR&WH
CH Haystac´s In The Nic Of Time
DL60449406, OFA24E, GR&WH,
CH Pettibone´s Whatever Lola Wants
DN08796506 , OFA24G, BL&WH, AKCDNA# V481578
CH Wynsilot Analyze This
DL89739207 , OFA26G, GR& WH, AKCDNA#V481187
CH Pettibone´s Girls Night Out
DL79919905, OFA25G, BL&WH
dam: CH
Saxen Farm´s Spiral Squarecase
DN27338602, OFA37F, eyes clear , GR & WH , SD-TH247/40F-VPI Normal, MDR1 Normal, PCD+/+ terve/ healthy , EIC glear .
CH Cottonwood Solid Like A Rock DL90669409, OFA27G, GR& WH, AKCDNA# V677360
CH Cottonwood Thief Of Hearts
DL84542604 , OFA37G,GR&WH
CH Barkshire´s First Impression
DL78758001, OFA37G,BL&WH
CH Saxen Farm´s Eye On The Prize DN16032704 , OFA 32G, GR&WH CH Rollingait Forevr Newsworthy, DK86863803 ,OFA31G , BL&WH, AKCDNA#V592339
CH Merryrogue Bloomin At Saxnfrm , DL83438608, OFA28G GR & WH


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